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Kurs Soul Body Fusion
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  • Jeśli chcesz otrzymać niezwykle, proste narzędzie, dzięki któremu będziesz doświadczać przemiany na każdym poziomie, od uzdrowienia ciała, po oświecenie
  • Jeśli chcesz pomagać innym by wrócili do pełni życia w zdrowiu, obfitości, spełnieniu i być świadkiem ich przebudzenia
  • Jeśli chcesz mieć swój udział w globalnym przebudzeniu ludzi na Ziemi do swojej Boskości

serdecznie zapraszam na warsztaty Soul Body Fusion®


Kalendarz Inspiracje 2018
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Kalendarz książkowy „Inspiracje 2018” to już piąta edycja bestsellerowego kalendarza z moimi obrazami i pięknie dobranymi cytatami.
To z pewnością dawka pozytywnej energii, którą warto mieć przy sobie cały rok

Pościel Energetyczna z moimi obrazami
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Vedic Art Painting Workshops

Vedic Art is a new method of developing your consciousness, awakening your creativity and life passion with intuitive painting. The way, the method, suits everybody who has never painted as well as those people who have studied art.


• if you are longing for expressing your creative nature with no limits and rules;
• if you want to regain self-confidence and become creative in every sphere of your life;
• if you want to fully discover your potential;
• if you want to live better and make your dreams come true;
• or if you simply want to paint,

the workshops of Vedic Art are the thing you want!

Vedic Art Films

Watch the film on Vedic Art workshops. Feel the atomoshere of the creative process.


Vedic Art, the Heart Painting

Vedic Art is a lifestyle, an art of life, where the act of creation consisting in the expression of your feelings counts.

This knowledge is based on the laws of nature and universe.
Vedic Art is the way that leads you to your higher consciousness through artistic creation which does not demand talent or mastering any painting techniques, and whose results need no assessment or appraisal.

It is an individual process through which you can express yourself, your individuality, and you can do it with no expectations and requirements whatsoever.

To convey the idea of Vedic Art best, let me quote Curt Källman, its author:

”Vedic Art does not teach anyone how to paint - No - Vedic Art is a way to remember how to paint.
And not only to remember how art can be created. From the very beginning, when we hear about the seventeen Vedic Principles of Art, we begin to remember the whole story of life. From where we come, and where we are going.
Vedic Art contains a navigation map. Use the compass You have in Your brain and find the way to the chamber of peace in Your heart.
Then - when You dip Your brush in light, space and bliss, eternity will be pictured.
When You enter into Your work of art - in Your self-referral dialogue - You will find the code of how life can be lived and how a piece of art can open doors in heaven and on earth.”

"The Tree of Life"

"I am Full, Free and Happy"