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Vedic Art, the Heart Painting

Vedic Art is a lifestyle, an art of life, where the act of creation consisting in the expression of your feelings counts.

This knowledge is based on the laws of nature and universe.
Vedic Art is the way that leads you to your higher consciousness through artistic creation which does not demand talent or mastering any painting techniques, and whose results need no assessment or appraisal.

It is an individual process through which you can express yourself, your individuality, and you can do it with no expectations and requirements whatsoever.

To convey the idea of Vedic Art best, let me quote Curt Källman, its author:

”Vedic Art does not teach anyone how to paint - No - Vedic Art is a way to remember how to paint.
And not only to remember how art can be created. From the very beginning, when we hear about the seventeen Vedic Principles of Art, we begin to remember the whole story of life. From where we come, and where we are going.
Vedic Art contains a navigation map. Use the compass You have in Your brain and find the way to the chamber of peace in Your heart.
Then - when You dip Your brush in light, space and bliss, eternity will be pictured.
When You enter into Your work of art - in Your self-referral dialogue - You will find the code of how life can be lived and how a piece of art can open doors in heaven and on earth.”

"The Tree of Life"

"I am Full, Free and Happy"


Where does Vedic Art. come from? 


The method has its source in the Vedas. The Vedas describe universal laws, God, Comos and truth about human potential, and a way to reach it.

This ancient wisdom, which was born 5000 years ago, in a natural and simple way, assists the man awakening the inner power of creation that is hidden inside each man. For centuries, it was available to yogis and those fluent with Sanskrit.


Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wished that the wisdom is widely spread and is available to the Western people. He knew that this knowledge, the truth can set people free and make them live happy life, in accordance to Universal laws.

He was looking for the right method to make it happen. In the 80ties he found the right person, Swedish artist-painter, Curt Källman, to whom he passed Vedic wisdom and 17 principles. Based on that, Curt elaborated a method of spontaneous painting thanks to which we are able to know the truth about ourselves and discover our own creative potential

You will not find those 17 principles written down anywhere. To understand them you need to have your own experience during painting, a creative process. If I present them now, they would be just simple words, but there is a great wisdom behind them.  

What do we paint?


During Vedic Art workshop you express what you carry inside yourself, in your heart, you paint your life, things you love, things you desire, things you are afraid of and we want be gone. The only inspiration in this process is our inner life and not what we may see outside.

The way we paint and behave during painting shows us very precisely how we create our life in daily life. Painting we may practice new behaviors, overcome our limits, for example take a great size canvas and feel how it is to have great dreams and realize them. You may paint sorrow and transform it into joy.
You learn to be open for changes in life, as Life is nothing but change.

But mainly we learn to listen to our intuition. We give up control and let the hand paint spontaneously, with no effort...
Ending of the creative process is also very important. We take responsibility for our creation, we become Creator of our life. We build our own authority and learn not to be depended on somebody else’s’ opinion.

Finally we accept ourselves, just as we are.

The Vedas says, that everyman has already all necessary resourses and wisdom to realize our potential, we only need to remind what we forgot. The Vedas are the way to get back to us,, to our Home, to our Higher Self.

"Light in You"


"Fenix od Freedom"


Check it out!

You do not have to know how to paint or be familiar with all those artistic techniques – just take some paints and choose the colors spontaneously to form shapes and structure them, and it is done!
From now on you will always want to be closer and closer with yourself.
That is your destiny and Vedic Art shall become the Art of Your Life.