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Vedic Art Painting Workshops

Vedic Art is a new method of developing your consciousness, awakening your creativity and life passion with intuitive painting. The way, the method, suits everybody who has never painted as well as those people who have studied art.


• if you are longing for expressing your creative nature with no limits and rules;
• if you want to regain self-confidence and become creative in every sphere of your life;
• if you want to fully discover your potential;
• if you want to live better and make your dreams come true;
• or if you simply want to paint,

the workshops of Vedic Art are the thing you want!

Imagine that you are playing with paints: putting them on canvas without much thinking, spontaneously, with your bare hands, or with a brush, to build strange forms and structures, and you are sticking to the surface everything that is at hand. Right now, you are recalling how carefree and creative we can all be – just like a child!
Vedic Art is painting straight from your heart; it is a lifestyle where the act of creation consisting in expression of your emotions counts!

During the 5 workshop days the pictures are painted according to the 17 principles of Vedic Art.
Those principles are a specific compass thanks to which each of us is able to meet… oneself and find the way to one’s heart to recognize who she or he is, to learn about their inner core. The Principles blend to form a perfect wholeness which illustrates the process of creation: both the artistic one, and the daily-life one.

This is a simple and brilliant method owing to which you can…

discover you own potential, inner power and feel the architect of your own fortunes
experience everything that you contain

  • regain your self-confidence and start to take yourself the way you are
  • learn to listen to yourself, trust your feelings and intuition thanks to which you will start to live according to yourself
  • easily portray your dreams thus making them able to come true
  • become creative in every sphere of your life 
  • get rid of all blockades and limitations, and confront your fears 
  • first of all, open you heart and you find the truth about yourself in there.

The classes are managed by Adriana Mościchowska, an artist-painter and a Vedic Art coach.
The painting workshops are held all over Poland in such places as Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Wrocław, Katowice, Poznań, the Masuria region, the Bieszczady mountains, and many others.


The workshops are offered on two levels: level 1 – basic, and level 2 – advanced, each lasting 5 days.
Having attended both Vedic Art level sessions you can join workshops for Vedic Art coaching license.
The classes are held at weekends (from Friday evening to Sunday evening), or they last 5 days (from the morning till the evening.) You can choose any of two weekends.
For more details please go to individual links referring to the scheduled workshop sessions.


Adults: PLN 7000 (for 2 weekends or 5 subsequent days)
Children aged 12 to 16: free classes for the participants’ children
School children and students of daily schools: 50% off
Old-age pensioners: 20% off


Painting equipment on the spot:
to your disposal there is a hall with easels; you will have the opportunity to buy necessary materials such as canvas, paints (acrylic), brushes, papers etc. If you prefer, you may make your own supplies of the materials and equipment up to your own discretion, e.g. canvas or stretchers, paints: acrylics, distempers; brushes; sketchbooks; pencils; brocades; sprays etc. Note: oils dry long so I do not recommend them for the workshop.


  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   phone +791 930 350. Attendance on condition that the non-refundable advance of PLN 200.00 is made (one week before the scheduled date of the first day of the workshop session the latest) payable to the Bank Millennium 30 1160 2202 0000 0000 1565 7422, ul. Afrykańska 12e/30, 03-966 Warszawa



I have pleasure to inform You, that I have been recently authorised to conduct courses for future Vedic Art teachers.

I make such a course, you need to make 2 levels of Vedic Art (two 5 days courses) and then 5 days teaching course.
You may do it during any of courses i am organising.
The cost of course for teachers is 2500 zł.

 “Vedic Art – painting workshops, personal development workshops, broadening your creativity and life passion”