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My Vedic Art Adventure

My passion was born unexpectedly – and out of the need of the moment.
I was longing for being able to express myself fully, with no limitations and based on my own principles only.
One day, about 4 years ago, I bought a set of artist paints, some canvas, an easel and I painted a picture.
I was amazed that I could do that and I was surprised with the thing had created in just a twinkling of an eye: it was a portrait of my soul and things that it contains but could not have found the outlet – till then. 

The inspiration in painting comes from life itself: each day, each moment, and everything I feel in a certain moment.
I paint with my heart, with love. I never know what will be born on the canvas so each painting is a great surprise to me.
It simply happens... I open myself and let the energy flow through me, I yield to it and then the most inspired works originate; then I feel the Creator inside me.


My Very First painting
"Colors of my Soul"

"Wingmakers Angel"
The paintings carry much warmth and positive energy.
I always paint them with the intention to serve people who will watch them, and to serve their future owners. 

For years, I have been devoting much attention to my personal development: I travel far both in the real world, and into the depth of my heart. The paintings record my experiences and tell about who I am.
While searching for my own path, I came cross WINGMAKERS’ communicates and their extraordinary paintings.
The seemed to talk to me. In my works so far I have found the common language and the code of symbols.
Today I contemplate Wingmakers by copying their paintings, like the one with the angel.

My personal breakthrough, and a certain discovery, was the VEDIC ART painting workshop.
It was then that I learned and experienced the 17 Vedic Principles which are more than 5000 old.
I also found out that I had been using them unconsciously since the very first picture I had done.

All the rules and the whole knowledge on how to create are inside us. While painting, I was under the process of transformation and broadening my consciousness and I re-discovered myself.

Thanks to paining activities I felt I am the creator of my own life and that I have the power to live according to myself.
I learn my natural rhythm and I watch my emotions; I paint my dreams and sorrows.
I paint them and I transform them into the light. Painting teaches us flexibility, courage, and makes us accept ourselves the way we really are.

Me with Curt Källman during Course for Teachers

 Curt Källman, the author of Vedic Art method says that “a man who has at least once felt this creative power inside themselves, can never be stopped in their creative activity.”

My passion has empowered me to change my life and to start to live according to my own rules.
For many years before I had worked as a manager and director of huge corporations.
Yet I decided to become independent and I opened my own consulting business.
Still, more important than that was the moment when I followed the voice of my heart and was licensed to teach Vedic Art. Today I belong to a small group of the VA coaches in Poland.

In Poland I studied with Halinka Łucka, and in Sweden, with Nelly Stromberg, and I was honored to listen to the teachings of the very Curt Källman during his visit in our country.

After the first workshop session I managed myself, I felt the power of Vedic Art even stronger.
I witnessed the transformation that the participants of the 5-day courses underwent and I was touched and honored that I could help them find the way to their heart in this magical way – through intuitive painting.
With Vedic Art, I gave them keys with which they can learn the truth about themselves.
Therefore, I invite you to take this journey into the depths of Your own Self.

Adriana Mościchowska


"Fenix of Freedom"